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Send 0.002 LTC to this address: Lbomb2mNJVJ7DUobvmu2xjG28rJXVsHfLq

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Bomb Game Rules

Game rules are simple: a game is played between 6 players. To win the game you must be the player who will defuse the bomb first. The defuse time is based on the last 5 digits of your deposit transaction hash.

You win the game and multiply your bet by 5 if your defusing time is the lowest. The withdraw will then be done on your Litecoin address used to make the deposit.

You can bet as many times as you want in the same game. There is no limit !

How To Play ?

It's very simple to play: you have to send 0.002 LTC to the deposit address. All deposit above 0.002 LTC will be ignored.

Deposit are instantaneous. No confirmation is required ! Our game is very fast, secure and all transaction could be checked on you can verify and trace each transaction.

Provability Fair is a Shit !

The winner of a game is the player who has the lowest transaction hash (based on the last 5 digits displayed (alpha chars are ignored). It's the most secure checking method and you don't need to be a mathematician to check it !

The transaction hash is generated by the Litecoin Network so it's impossible to modify or cheat it.

Are you the best Bomb Deminer !

Game History

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